January Newsletter….Here are our favorite Products here at the Breast Center!

Hello and Happy New Year!

We hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season and are having a good New Year! Now is a great time to re-focus your health priorities and commit to your self-care and we have some amazing products to help you do just that. We know how much time and energy it takes to research and find good products so here are some time tested favorites here at the Breast Thermography Center that you might enjoy as well!

(We are NOT affiliated with or compensated in any way for these recommendations…they are simply products we love and that many of our clients enjoy as well.) We hope these links are helpful to you.

Feel free to forward this e-mail to any family and friends who might enjoy or need the products as and encourage them to look take a look at our website if they want to learn more about our center and what we do here: www.thermography-sc.com

Breast Scan Gift Certificates are always available for Family and Friends if you wish to give a scan as a gift!

With Love, Your “Breast Friends”

Renee and Jen
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Time and time again we see clients who drink coffee on a regular basis have “hot spots” and high risk scans that are hard to shift. We encourage women to avoid both regular and decaf coffee products as much as possible. Finding a good coffee replacement can be very difficult but we feel Teccino to be such a great go-to! Naturally energizing, alkalizing and so close to that rich coffee taste people love. Comes in ready to use tea bags or ready to brew grains, like coffee!

Check out their website at this link http://teeccino.com/category/82/Tee-bags.html


Recent Studies show that what we are putting on our armpits could be seeping into our lymph system and into our breast tissue! Finding a non-toxic/natural deodorant that actually WORKS is both vitally important and very rare. We LOVE Primal Pit Paste and get rave reviews from clients who try it as well! The 6 pack sampler for $20 is a great way to try them out, give away to friends and family to try or just to find your favorites!

Check out this link…


We have seen amazing improvements with client scans who try a more alkaline diet. This is our favorite, most easy to use PH testing tape. Test your urine FIRST thing in the morning, right after you wake up, BEFORE you eat or drink anything…to find your accurate baseline PH. Then adjust you food and beverage intake for the day to reach the ideal 7.4 PH range. Hold your PH as that ideal range for at least 1-3 months.

Here is our favorite PH Testing Paper…

If you want a good book on the PH lifestyle, Amazon has those as well…


We have learned from many sources over the years, how terrible underwire bras can be for our lymphatic flow and breast health…but we hear time and time again how hard it is for clients to find both attractive and supportive wire free bras. We have had great success with the JC Penny bra department and hope you do as well. We encourage you to explore wire free bras and hope that you pass the importance of them to all the women in your life.

This link has over 170 NONE WIRE Bras…


The number ONE health tip that we see improve our clients scans is SELF-CARE!

If you need a good book to read and some ideas how to slow down and make self-care number one, check out these book on the following link…


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