December Newsletter

Hello and Happy December
from your “Breast Friends”…

This is a great time of year to slow down and re-establish a healthy Breast Self-Care routine and we have a wonderful new practitioner that can help you do just that! We would like to introduce you to Sarah Gardon and hope you take a moment to look at who she is and what she has to offer our clients…

Sarah works with a very gentle form of Lymphatic Therapy to encourage healthy flow in the breasts and the whole body. The breasts are particularly prone to stagnation, especially after years of wearing bras and Sarah spends the majority of her time and energy on working directly with the breast tissue in her sessions with our clients. As the flow of lymph is augmented, stagnant areas are revitalized with more waste being cleared away and new cells regenerate. The whole immune system gets a boost as the body’s healing waters are freed to circulate more fully.

Sarah loves working with our center and empowering women to foster their own breast health. Through education regarding our Lymph systems and how it effects the breasts, her sessions can also include coaching in self-care exercises that help with cyclical tenderness, fibro-cystic tissue and overall tone as well as providing bra-fit consultations.

If her services feel like something that would be helpful for you, please reach out to Sarah and book an appointment!

Initial Sessions last 1 hour 15 minutes and are $100
Follow-up Sessions are 1 hour and are $75

Sarah practices out of a home office in Sebastopol Ca and can be reached at:
(707) 326-4508

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