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Client Breastimonials 


"Thanks Renee and Jen! This is such cool stuff! What a remarkable service you offer to this world. I'm so grateful to have this information and support available to me. And it's totally empowering to know that I can change my breast health for the better. You're the best!!"
Marcella Friel

"I want to thank Renee and Jen at the Thermography Center for a very enjoyable and informative appointment. They are warm and friendly, the center is beautiful and inviting, and I received very personalized attention from them, before, during and after my visit. I encourage all women to take advantage of this very important PREVENTIVE technology we have right here in Northern California!"
Dorothy S.

"I would like to give Kudos to Renee and Jen at the Thermography Center! They are really great people. They make you feel at ease and are very understanding. And because nothing touches you, it's painless, easy, quick and believe it or not, FUN!"


"My first breast thermogram revealed a high-risk rating.  Although I think my general lifestyle and diet had been good before this, the rating prompted changes specific to menopausal issues ~ changes I'm still practicing and plan to continue for some time. I began working with an acupuncturist whose specialty is breast health. She recommended three supplements used to improve breast health, and several other lifestyle modifications. 
My comparison thermogram several months later was dramatically improved, although there is still some work to be done. This has been an adventure on many levels and one that I hope continues in a positive direction. Thermograms are a safe, non-invasive and empowering way of monitoring one's own work in this direction.
Last but not least, the warmth and kindness shown to me over the phone helped give me the courage to make my appointments. I look forward to my third scan and am anticipating further improvement."
Claudia D.

"This was so much more of a positive experience than I ever had with mammography. What you two are offering women is so empowering.  Thank you so much!"
Ana Maria H.

"I always thank God for everything first, but without the both of you, there is no telling where I would be right now.  I could have lost one or even both breasts and look at them now!  Your patience, understanding, concern, and your support is more than any Doctor has given me through this whole process.  There are no words to describe the appreciation I have for you both! You can't imagine how it felt to have you two support me so much, when no other professional would. You made me want to work harder on my health.  You have always taken the time to answered my concerns, explaine things to me until I felt I had everything I needed to know.
Thank you both, Renee and Jen, you mean a great deal to me!

Warmest regards and love,"
Mary M.

"I am so happy to have found out about Thermography. It has taken the fear away because I know anything out of the ordinary will be found years before cancer can grow.  Time for me to make the needed changes so the out come will be good.  I feel so empowered.  I hope never to have another mammogram. Thank you for your dedication.  You gave me very useful information about alternative actions to take."
Diane R.

"What a pleasure! What a great educational experience to finally have a thermogram. I found it empowering and your service warm and professional."
Lizzie H.

"Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions about how to take better care of my breast health! I have always had very tender breasts, and after just one time doing the lymphatic breast massage, my tenderness disappeared completely. I'm going to keep that up, as well as the other suggestions you had for more greens and less caffeine. Thanks for everything!"
Debra B.

"Wow! I had no idea that I could improve my own breast health! I've gotten rid of all the underwires in my bras, I do the breast massage daily, and ate kale for the first time ever. I can't wait to see my next scan."
Susan H.

About the Owners

Renee Russo

We are very passionate about our work at the Thermography Center of Sonoma County. We are excited that so many women have embraced this technology and chosen to become truly proactive about their breast health. Our mission is to empower women with the information they need that can immediately improve their breast health and clean up unhealthy conditions before they turn into permanent issues! We are also blessed to have many wonderful health practitioners who assist our clients with specific treatment plans when needed. A big thank you to both our clients and practitioners for helping us spread the word about this essential screening for women! Jen and I are both Board Certified Thermographic Technicians, and our interpretive doctor is a
Board Certified Thermologist.

We look forward to meeting you! Renee, Owner/Partner

Photo Courtesy of Debra Wand Photography