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Case Studies

Patient 1:

In addition to Breast Hot Spots, Breast Thermography can also show a patient whether there may be a hormonal imbalance affecting the breast tissue. The "before" scan of the patient below shows an abundance of blood vessel activity on both breasts, usually indicating a estrogen dominance in their breast tissue. Many forms of breast cancer are estrogen dominant, and if this condition had been left untreated, it could have helped "feed" a more serious condition in the future.

A young woman in her mid-twenties, she chose to see a homeopath after this scan. It was discovered that her liver was not processing her hormones properly, resulting in her breasts storing excess estrogen in the tissue. It was suggested that she follow a three month homeopathic protocol for liver detox and estrogen flush. The image on the right is her 
much-improved, comparitive scan.   

                    Before Treatment           After Treatment
Patient 2:

This patient had a very pronounced blood vessel system in her upper right breast. Since this system was only in the right breast, it resulted in a high risk score on her thermogram. She has chosen to use holistic remedies, and her scan continues to improve.

                                         Before Treatment                           After Treatment

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